Child Custody

We specialize in the investigation of Child Custody related issues. Matters such as neglect, abuse, and parents who suffer with a number of afflictions and addictions. Our client may be someone who is merely suspecting that a partner, or former partner, may be neglecting or harming a child; or they may be someone who knows this for a fact and is seeking to have it documented for court purposes. In either case, whether it is peace of mind you seek, or a piece of evidence, we are the professional investigators you can trust to get you results.

The Issues

Child custody cases can involve any number of issues relating to the well being, health, and safety of a child or children. Some of the problems we are frequently asked to investigate include:

  • Alcohol & substance abuse of a parent
  • Child neglect by a parent or caregiver
  • Mental health and anger management issues of a parent
  • Sex and gambling addictions of a parent
  • Exposing a child to a person or environment of concern
  • Exposing a child to an inappropriate activity or relationship
  • Secretive behavior and misconduct by a child
  • Runaways

The Process

Unlike the investigation of Domestic Infidelity where observing a certain behavior once is all that is typically required as proof for a court proceeding, child custody cases often require evidence that there is a continuing course of conduct, or pattern of the behavior by the offending individual be documented. For example: In a typical Child Custody matter, it is usually considered insufficient to show that a parent went out after work with friends and left the children at home unattended on a single occasion. Instead, it is preferred to document this behavior on several occasions and over a period of time.

In Child Custody investigations, it is also important for investigators to focus their efforts on the case during periods when the offending parent actually has physical possession of the child or children. This can be especially difficult for our clients to deal with as they must often allow the adverse behavior to continue for a period of time. However, from an investigative standpoint, it is crucial that the offending parent be given the opportunity to the inappropriately activity or activities, so that their actions may be observed and properly documented.

To Learn More

Regardless of the issues, the investigation of Child Custody cases are never exactly the same. That is why it is so important for anyone contemplating hiring an investigator for this purpose to first consult with a licensed family law attorney working in your jurisdiction. If you would like to learn more about how we investigate Child Custody matters in the Reston and Fairfax, VA areas, please contact us using the information listed below.