Alimony Justification

Alimony Justification cases typically include the investigation of a number of issues relating to a spouse’s, or former spouse’s, entitlement to receive Alimony. They may also include the investigation of a former spouses ability to pay Alimony or Child Support. Determining a person’s employment; if a person’s ability to earn a living has been affected; whether a recipient of alimony’s marital status has changed; or if a recipient is co-habitating with another party, represent a few of the more common issues we are asked to look into for our clients.


In order to provide evidence of Co-habitation to a court, the law typically requires that the party show that the offender is doing more than just spending the night at another person’s house. Additional evidence that can help demonstrate Co-habitation may include: the establishment of a common residence; a long-term intimate involvement between the two parties; the sharing of financial accounts, expenses and household duties; and a recognition by the local community of the party’s relationship. We work closely with our client’s legal counsel in these cases to ensure that we are providing information and documentation that will be beneficial to the client in court.

Voluntary Impoverishment

We are often asked to help document that an offending party is purposely and voluntarily impoverishing themselves. This may be in an effort for them to claim they are unable to pay their former spouse alimony or make their child support payments. To do so, we will check whether the person is gainfully employed, working on a full or part-time basis, and employed in a manner equal to their potential.

Lifestyle Profile

Another method we utilize in Alimony Justification cases is to compile what we term as a “Lifestyle Profile.” To do this, we document the offending party’s current socioeconomic living conditions and recreational activities. This information is then presented to the client’s attorney to make a determination if the person’s lifestyle coincides with what they are reporting to the court as their current income.

To Learn More

For more information about Alimony Justification investigations and how the evidence we obtain can be utilized in a court of law, please consult with a licensed family law attorney working in your jurisdiction. If you would like to learn more about the process we use to investigate these issues in Reston & Fairfax, Virginia, and Surrounding areas, please contact us using the information listed below.