Investigative Services in Maryland and Virginia

Responsibility begins and ends at the top. That is why our Chief Investigator coordinates each and every one of our cases and works with each of our clients personally. This is to ensure that the client’s specific needs are being addressed in the most efficient way possible, and to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality.

Team Methods

We practice what we refer to as a “Team Method.” We use this method in almost all of our cases involving surveillance. By using a team of investigators on each assignment, we are able to avoid people’s suspicion and our target’s detection. We also use team methods when attempting to tail (follow) a subject to an unknown destination, or when a particular neighborhood dictates the need for more than one investigator. This could be in an effort to remain inconspicuous or for the individual safety of our investigators. The use of a team reduces our risk of losing tails and it also allows us to maintain surveillance longer, get closer to the target subject, and produce the best quality of videographic evidence.


Our staff consists of a variety of individuals that come from many different walks of life. It is through this diversity that we draw our strength and our ability to adapt to a wide array of situations and demographics. Over the years we have employed a number of people from a range of professions, including former law enforcement officers, real estate agents, professional interior designers, and stay-at-home moms. There is really no set background or personality type that makes someone a good private investigator. But clearly, having the ability to pay attention to detail, patience, and a natural ability to blend in with the environment, is key to what we do.

“There is really no set background or personality type that makes
someone a good private investigator.”


Regardless of professional background, all our investigators are highly trained, experienced, and mature individuals. Each is individually licensed to operate as a Private Detective for our firm, and underwent an Entry Level Training Program upon hiring. Additional In-service Training is also provided to each investigator on an annual basis. This training is provided while attending various State and National association meetings and sponsored training seminars, as well as trade related conferences and symposiums. All of our investigators are available to testify in a court of law on behalf of the work they performed for our clients.


We are always keeping an eye open for the next great addition to our team. If you feel that you have what it takes to be one of the best, we would urge you to send us a copy of your resume. Additional information about certain job requirements, training, licensing, and other opportunities is available upon request.

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