Private Investigation Reston, VA

Kenneth D’Angelo of Target Investigations

Kenneth D’Angelo is the Founder and Chief Investigator of Target Investigations. Mr. D’Angelo has over thirty years of experience working as a military and civilian police officer, as well as a private investigator and personal security consultant.

Mr. D’Angelo began his career as a Military Police Officer in the United States Marine Corps. During his enlistment he rose to the rank of Sergeant and served in assignments as a Corrections Officer, Cross-Country Prisoner Escort and a special investigator of fugitives while assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division of Marine Corps Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Upon receiving an Honorable Discharge from military service, Mr. D’Angelo became a civilian Police Officer on the Rockville City Police Department in Rockville, Maryland. He graduated with honors from the Prince Georges County Police Academy and continued his education by pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Ohio. Mr. D’Angelo also received specialized training from the police department in motor vehicle accident investigations, firearms instruction, and the police department’s recruit Field Training Officer program.

Mr. D’Angelo left the police force in good standing in 1992 to pursue his dream of owning a business, and thus founded Target Investigations. He has since become a leading authority on the investigation of family law related cases; authoring several articles in the field on domestic infidelity detection, counter-surveillance and stalking. In 2004, Mr. D’Angelo appeared on WUSA Channel 9 News as a member of an expert panel for a special news segment on adultery titled “Broken Vows.”

As a leading authority on the investigation of family law and personal security matters, Mr. D’Angelo has consulted, coordinated and physically participated in thousands of cases both locally and abroad. He has also been a guest speaker to members of the private investigation and security community on his area of expertise and in 2010 he was interviewed for an article in the Maryland State Bar Association’s quarterly newsletter on the topic of family law investigations.

In October of 2013, Mr. D’Angelo was elected President of the Private Investigator’s Association of Virginia (PIAVA), a position he held for two years.   During his term he concentrated his efforts on improving the quality of membership and the number of benefits offered to the Association’s members; opening lines of communication with other like-minded associations and the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), Virginia’s regulatory agency; and coordinating numerous new training opportunities for both the new and seasoned private investigator.   His personal goals for the Association included: increasing community awareness of the profession; improving the skill level of other investigators; and helping raise the bar of professionalism in his industry.  During his two-year term as President, Mr. D’Angelo was directly responsible for the creation of many new programs and services within the organization, and his efforts resulted in more than doubling the size of the Association’s membership.

During the last thirty plus years Mr. D’Angelo has become a prominent and highly respected member of the local legal community; but perhaps what he is best known for is his calm, compassionate and straight forward approach when working with people who are experiencing an emotional personal crisis.