When deciding which professional investigative firm to hire, ensuring that you utilize properly licensed Private Investigators, as well as a licensed Agency, is paramount. All of our investigators are properly registered, and our firm is licensed in both of the states where we operate.


The licensing of private detectives is required in all but four of the United States. Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota and Wyoming are the only states in the country that currently do not have a requirement for a private investigator to be licensed. In Maryland and Virginia, however, not only must an individual be licensed, or what is termed “certified” and “registered” respectively, a Private Detective Agency must also be licensed in order to conduct business in either state.  This also holds true for the District of Columbia.

It is important to note that a person who is individually licensed as a Private Detective in either Maryland or Virginia is not authorized to do business with the public unless they also hold a Private Detective Agency License in Maryland, or what is termed a Private Security Services Business License in Virginia, as well.


Here is a list of our current Certifications:

  • Investigators individually “Registered” as Private Investigators – Virginia
  • Investigators individually “Certified” as Private Detectives – Maryland
  • Investigators individually “Licensed” as Private Investigators – District of Columbia
  • Agency Certified Compliance Agent – Virginia
  • Agency Private Detective Licensee – Maryland – #106-2100
  • Agency Private Security Services Business License –Virginia – #11-6677
  • Agency Private Detective Business License – District of Columbia – #PDB0202057
  • FAA CFR Title 14 Part 107 sUAS Remote Pilot Certification


We believe that by working with other like-minded professional investigators and agency licensees, that we can learn from one another, help raise the level of professionalism of our industry, and bolster the quality of services being offered to the public. Therefore, we are active members in the following Maryland, Virginia, and National private investigative trade organizations:

  • The Maryland Investigators & Security Association (MISA)
  • The Professional Investigators and Security Association of Virginia (PISA)
  • The Private Investigators Association of Virginia (PIAVA)
  • The National Council of Investigations and Security Services (NCISS)
  • OSMOSIS – An Association of OSINT Professionals (https://osmosiscon.com/association/)

Better Business Bureau

We hold an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. This rating is based on the number of years we have been in business and the absence of any customer complaints filed with the Bureau. We are committed to delivering superior private investigative services to each and every one of our clients. We achieve this by maintaining an open channel of communication; by paying the strictest attention to details on our cases; and by reporting our findings in a precise, objective, and confidential manner.

To Learn More

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