At Target Investigations, we specialize in family law matters. We believe this specialization allows our investigators to focus their attention, education, experience, and resources on one particular type of service, producing more proficient professionals.

We know that investigators working on family law cases must be able to respond to client requests with a limited amount of notice, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. That’s why we have multiple investigators on hand to respond quickly and can handle long-term assignments. We employ investigators who are patient and can work well with people, as many of our clients can be emotional and not at their best during our working relationship.

The team at Target Investigations is practiced at performing surveillance in diverse urban and suburban areas, such as those typically found in the Washington, D.C., metro area. Our team can assist in your family law case with:

  • Background checks
  • Mobile device forensics
  • Computer forensics
  • Asset searches
  • Domestic infidelity
  • Child custody
  • Privacy intrusion
  • Alimony justification

Being available, flexible, and calm at all times is simply who we are. Contact Target Investigations today to learn how we can help with your family law case.