Resources are the tools that an investigator will use to get the job done.  These tools can include such things as Equipment, Databases, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Techniques, and human contacts or “Sources.”  Understanding which of these to use to solve problems and answer questions saves the professional investigator time and effort.  In the private sector, it also saves the client money.

The ability to solve cases quickly and efficiently is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition. Having the best equipment, access to the most advanced databases, knowing the latest OSINT techniques, and being connected to a network of unique sources, give us the advantage and allows us to do just that.  Where some firms may choose to run out and conduct days and days of expensive surveillance and tailing, we would much rather do our homework first, run tests, and then perform surveillance only when the time is right.  However, this takes skill, experience, and patience.

We are equally committed to being up-to-date and to remaining state-of-the-art. That is why we continually monitor a number of industry periodicals, trade association newsletters, and vendor advertisements, looking for information on the latest advancements in technology and techniques. We are continually updating our methods, systems, and equipment so that we may bring the very best quality service to our clients.