Domestic Infidelity Analysis

Similarities in the behavior of subjects committing domestic infidelity are often demonstrated. By noting these behaviors we are able to provide the following list of indicators to help our clients determine if their partner may be being unfaithful.

Please take a few minutes to review the list below.  If more than a few of these behaviors are being demonstrated by your partner, we urge you to Contact Us so that we may discuss the situation with you. All telephone consultations are free of charge.

  • Sudden desire to exercise or a change in fashion or personal grooming habits.
  • Unexplained absences from work or home.
  • Caught joining social media and dating websites.
  • Frequent “Private” or hang-up telephone calls received at home.
  • Maintaining a gym bag for no apparent reason.
  • Constant mentioning of a particular friend or co-worker’s name and their family situation.
  • Unexplained signs of anger or thoughtfulness.
  • Unwarranted questioning or accusations of infidelity.
  • Abnormal inquiries regarding your own schedule.
  • Hiding of telephone bills, receipts and financial transaction records.
  • Change in the frequency or nature of sexual activity or unexplained birth control devices or sexual aids.
  • Seems disoriented or has an unusual desire to want to be left alone.
  • Receiving personal mail at work or a secret P.O. Box.
  • Excessive amount of time spent alone on the telephone, sending text messages or on the Internet.
  • Sudden interest in spending more time alone with friends or relatives.
  • Sudden exclusion in vacations or business trips.
  • The unwarranted use of privacy programs on computers and apps on cellphones.
  • Unfamiliar telephone numbers showing up on Caller ID or telephone bills.
  • Unforeseen or unexplained desire to quickly end your relationship.
  • Rumors relayed to you from the partner’s friends, family or associates.
  • Unexplained charges appearing on credit card statements.
  • Unusually difficult to pin down while making plans.
  • Large amounts of cash disappearing from bank accounts.
  • Showering right after arriving home from office or night out.
  • Calling you someone else’s name.
  • Friends or co-workers being extra nice to you.
  • Not being able to maintain eye contact or caught changing their stories.