Whether at home or at work, people spend nearly half their day engaging with electronic devices through their use of computers, cell phones and tablets. Writing and sending emails, texting, engaging in social media, and searching the internet all leave digital footprints. While some data in a digital footprint is consciously left behind, data left on internet or cloud servers, or even on someone else’s computer may be recorded unintentionally. This forensic collection and examination of this data, also known as Electronically Stored Information (ESI), is growing dramatically in civil court matters.

What is Computer & Mobile Device Forensics?

Computer forensics and mobile device forensics apply investigative and analytical techniques to acquire, process, preserve and analyze electronically stored information. Digital Forensic Experts require specialized training and knowledge on how to handle and process various digital devices; how to properly collect and preserve data; and ultimately how to recognize what data and information is valuable to the case at hand. Computer and mobile device forensics can be used by a wide range of people, including civil attorneys. Digital Forensics is a fast-growing specialty and is poised to become even more important in civil cases in the future as the use of digital devices and the internet continues to grow.

What Sort of Information is Collected from Computers and Mobile Devices?

With the technical advancements that have been made to digital devices and the public’s increased use of them, a wealth of electronic information is captured and stored, and thus can be collected from them. Emails, text messages, internet search history, social media use, and call logs is just some of the potential ESI that can be retrieved from a cell phone and/or computer.

Why is it so Important that a Trained Professional Handle the Electronically Stored Information ‘ESI’ on your Device?

Today’s digital devices are equipped with a whole host of measures to protect the device’s ESI. Biometric unlocks, complicated passwords, and remote cloud data storage are just a few of the obstacles one might encounter when attempting to access ESI. Consulting with a digital forensic ESI expert regarding the specific types of electronically stored information available and needed for recovery and identifying the best method for preservation and acquisition of the data is essential to any case. For example, email recovery is a common request. One might assume that access to a physical device is all that is needed for email recovery, however, this is a common misconception. An ESI expert would be able to advise on how and where emails are stored and recommend the best way to recover and present such information to ensure it is admissible in a court of law.

Experienced, Trained Computer & Mobile Device Forensics in Maryland & Virginia

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