As technology has advanced and the laws of our land have grown more and more complex, the private investigation industry has adapted and become increasingly more specialized. Today, it is common to find private detectives who only handle criminal defense cases for defendants; who only investigate worker’s compensation claims for insurance companies; or who only perform background investigations for corporate or government clients. Specialization allows the practitioner the ability to focus their attention, education, experience, and resources on one particular type of service.  The result is a more proficient professional.

Investigating family related matters for people is no different. Whether it is a case of a cheating spouse, a runaway child, or the abuse of an elderly relative, a detective that specializes in the family law cases will be experienced, equipped, and better prepared to help you get the answers you need. There are several things about this special breed of investigator that set us apart and that are important for you to know.

Private investigators who specialize in family law cases must be able to respond to a client’s request for service with a very limited amount of notice.  They must also be available to work  twenty-fours a day and three hundred sixty-five days a year. Many private investigators simply are not.  The family law detective must also be a natural at performing surveillance and have multiple investigators on hand who can assist with long-term assignments and with following people in certain areas.  And last but not least, they must also be patient and able to work well with people, as our clients are often very emotional and not at their personal best.

Our firm specializes in the investigation of family related issues. We maintain a staff of investigators who are experienced, equipped, and able to respond at a moments notice. We are also specifically tailored to perform surveillance in extremely diverse urban and suburban settings, such as those typically found in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  Being available, flexible, and calm at all times is simply who we are.